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"By her sensitive playing and musicality, Alexandra Christodimou gained an outstanding position among the new generation of Greek guitarists ... her tone is warm like her heart."

Liza Zoe


"Yannis Petridis always had a fine taste of the sense of music, exceptional technique, good rhythm ... when he joined his playing with Alexandra, he made one of the best guitar duos of his generation ..."

"Alexandra and Yannis' recital was beyond any expectation and, undoubtedly satisfied the most demanding listener ... An impeccable program ... Listening to their extremely well balanced and delightful ensemble, even in the most demanding passages, with their technical skills and musicality, the homogeneity of their tone, the balance of the musical phrases, they presented a musical performance of the highest standards, ... their concert was a real musical delight."

Evangelos Assimakopoulos (TAR, Web Music Magazine)

"Yannis’s appeal as a musician stems from a world-class technique coupled with the sensitivity and musicality of an artist who delves deeply into the style and interpretive aspects of music."

Jerry Willard


"I was much impressed by the fluent control of their material, their well-formed dynamics and the intelligent and musical approach they showed ..."

Colin Cooper


"I do wish to compliment you on your remarkable musicianship, both on this recording and at last evening’s concert. Your ensemble work, both in terms of extreme precision and musicality is truly extraordinary ..."

Richard Gibson (Université de Moncton, NB, Canada)


"Listening to the musical dialogue between them and watching the way they support and challenge each other can give a real thrill ... Their ability to bridge the gulf between exciting modern music and exciting a modern audience is the best thing about this guitar duo ..."

Mathew Hill (Classical Guitar)


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"Superb technicians and sensitive musicians ... an excellently played CD by two young and talented artists ..."

John Duarte


"The keystone piece for this recording is the duo’s transcription of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue ... The music heard here excellently preserves not only the notes and harmonies, but also the feel of each section... When recording Piazzolla’s Tango Suite and Rodrigo’s Tonadilla, this duo is clearly up to the task, with sparkling scales and seemingly no technical limitations...The CD concludes with the duo's transcription of J.S. Bach’s Italian Concerto, played with verve and spirit which points to the fact that, like the rest of this recording, we are hearing music of the highest level from two excellent musicians making the most of a lifetime of playing together."

Jim McCutcheon (Soundboard Guitar Magazine) 

"In Bach's Italian Concerto, old "cliches" are filled with fresh breath, in this way impulsively phrasing and flirting with tone ... In any skepticism regarding style and expression, the guitar is justified ..."

Peter Puffgen (Guitarre & Laute)


"Regarding the duo form, we have here a reference record ... The luminous and perfect sound knows how to connect delicacy in expression and precision of character. The interpreters constantly work on the timbre, the dynamics, the phrase energy and the incessant articulation. One can appreciate their remarkable homogeneity in all levels ..."

Frederic Nicol (Les Cahiers de la Guitare)


"The players attack the music with precision and sufficient dramatic flair to convey the squalling and tempestuous lyricism that Gershwin unravels at every turn ... Christodimou and Petridis hold the music together with strength and touches of delicacy when required ... Bach's "Italian Concerto" positively skips with effervescence. All three movements are arranged with imaginative and intelligent setting of the voices ..."

Tim Panting (Classical Guitar)


"The two musicians relate in an harmonious way ... Piazzolla's "Tango Suite" and Rodrigo's "Tonadilla" are succesfully interpreted ... Not by any means are their transcriptions unjust to the prototypes. On the contrary, they follow, with the appropiate faith and respect as well as the freedom allowed, the original manuscript. Thus, their transcriptions are worth praise."

George B. Monemvassitis (Difono)


"Christodimou & Petridis, both awarded with impeccable technique, perform in an ideal way most of the works in the present recording ..."

Thomas Tamvakos (Τzaz & Jazz)


"The two excellent guitarists when performing "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin, display a creative spirit."

Argiris Zilos (Athinorama)


"When referring to the classical guitar sound lovers, this album  is one of the best propositions. The two soloists -despite the young of their age- have already presented and recorded a significant part of their repertoire  in Greece and abroad,  gaining excellent reviews"

Giota Tsoukala (Musical Metro)


Mediterranean Echoes


"Pages of music for 12 strings in reference performances. Dynamics formed to the smallest detail, musicality and accuracy logically combined, clarity of phrasing, shades of sound, the two performers approaching music in an identical way, in general, the sence of an effortless and easy outcome. All transcriptions are considered excellent, carried out by musicians who not only master the instrument but also deeply comprehend the pieces in their original form, orchestral or other."

Kornilios Diamantopoulos (Tzaz & Jazz)


"A welcome and refreshing addition to the list, for lovers of the kind who seek for new recordings but also for the summer wayfarer of the unembellished dream."

Kyriakos Loukakos (Avgi)


"Listening to them can be a complete delight. Light, joy, love, melancholy come out from the guitar's sound the chords of which vibrate in the two soloists' hands, at moments with intense rhythmical and dancing mood or with indolence and melancholy."

George Mitrakis (Difono)


"Interpretation signed with color and sensibility ..."

Elena Paridi (Express)


"Familiar works such as Boccherini's "Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet" or Adagio from Rodrigo's "Concierto Aranjuez", Spanish Dance and Falla's "Serenata Andaluza"  (transriptions) combined with original works by Mario Gangi, Pierre Petit and our own Costas Grigoras. The clever selection of works has resulted in a very interesting and well-played CD for the friends of the classical guitar."

Kostas Tiliakos (Hi Tech)


"Especially in music like this, the two guitarists try to chat, flutter, and excite you ... I noticed something "minor" and "fleeting" details of the interpretations (because I always watch and I love them) that reveal the talent οf the two performers. "

Georgia Laimou (e-go Internet)


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G. Gershwin: Rhapsody in blue

J. Rodrigo: Tonadilla

A. Piazzolla: Tango Suite

It has been reissued under the title:

Alexandra & Yannis play music for two guitars

Mediterranean Echoes


Master Class

M. Hadjidakis: For a little white seashell



C. Grigoreas: Soundtracks


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11th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 5 - 8 May 2023

10th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 6 - 9 May 2022

9th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 21-24 February 2020

8th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 15-17 & 22-24 February 2019

7th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 2-5 March 2018

6th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 17-20 February 2017

5th Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 12-15 February 2016

4rd Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 27 February - 2 March 2015

3rd Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 7-10 February 2014

2nd Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 6-9 July 2012

1st Guitar Festival of Palaio Faliro, 11-14 July 2011