Alexandra CHRISTODIMOU and Yannis PETRIDIS :


Mediterranean Echoes

In Greece, music is identical to singing, while most musicians – when not occupied in another business- serve singing in order to survive. However, every rule has its exceptions. Two of them are Alexandra Christodimou and Yannis Petridis, two guitarists who in the last years have accomplished a significant international career, teaching at the same time at “Filippos Nakas” Conservatory and the “National Conservatory” in Athens.
The album “Mediterranean Echoes” is their second and –as indicated by the title - includes works written by composers from Mediterranean countries, more specifically from Spain (J.Rodrigo, Falla), Italy (L.Boccherini, M.Gangi), France (P.Petit) and Greece (K.Grigoreas). The repertoire performed covers a period from the 18th to the 20th century and listening to it can be a complete delight. Light, joy, love, melancholy come out from the guitar’s sound, the chords of which vibrate in the two soloists’ hands, at moments with intense rhythmical and dancing mood or with indolence and melancholy.
The CD is definitely suggested for summer evening hearings and is without any doubt aiming at the international market.

George Mitrakis, Difono (No. 107, August 2004)